District Athletic Programs



 GJPS is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and the Ohio Capital Conference (OCC).

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Pay to Participate

High School

First Sport $200.00
Second Sport $100.00
Third + Sport Free
Family Cap $500.00

Middle School

First Sport $100.00
Second Sport $50.00
Third + Sport Free
Family Cap $250.00


Ticket Prices

Unless otherwise noted, tickets for GLHS sporting events are $4/student ticket and $6/non-student or adult ticket.

The Senior Lion & Lioness Fan Pass

Did you know Gahanna-Jefferson provides senior citizens free complimentary admission to middle- and high school home athletic competitions? Senior Lion/Lioness Fan Passes are available by presenting proof of residency and age (60 and older) to Paula Sackett, at the GJPS Central Administration Office, 160 S. Hamilton Rd., anytime from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mon - Fri. For more information, call 614-471-7065.
Note: Senior Passes are not valid for an away game or any OHSAA/Central District Tournament event, even if the competition is held at a GJPS venue.

The GLHS Fantastic Fan Pass!

Are you among the frequent attendees to the Lions’ Lair and its sporting events? Purchase a Fantastic Fan Pass! A $20 investment can save you up to an additional $30 annually. Fantastic Fan Passes are valid for all at-home, regular-season GLHS sporting events.
Note: Fantastic Fan Passes are not valid for middle school events, away games or any OHSAA/Central district tournament events, even if the competition is held at a GJPS venue.

Fantastic Fan Passes are for sale in the GLHS Athletic Office and at all GLHS ticket gates. Just ask the ticket seller for a “Fantastic Fan Pass.”

District Intramural Sports

(Held during the school day, traditionally during the lunch period or after school)

The term “intramural” simply means “within the walls.” Participation is always under the supervision and guidance of an intramural staff member and events are age-appropriate. Students may participate in a variety of activities including kickball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and other sports. The intramural program is all-inclusive and open to every student. In addition to further developing a sense of community within the school, the intramural programs provide students an opportunity to further practice and internalize the skills, attitudes, and knowledge acquired in their physical education class.

For more information, contact your individual school’s athletic office or the respective coach/staff adviser.

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