Meal Payment Information

DISTRICT: Child Nutrition



My Payments Plus (preferred)

Parents are encouraged to pay in advance for meals through MyPaymentsPlus online.

At no cost, MyPaymentsPlus allows families to:

  • Check your child's current account balance online
  • Set up low balance e-mail notifications when their account reaches a low balance
  • Monitor cafeteria purchases
  • For a small program fee, you can make a pre-payment into your child's meal account using a check, credit card, or debit card at and create settings to automatically replenish the account when it reaches a low balance.
  • Online deposits of $50 or more per child will earn a bonus (to offset the program fee of .0475%) 

Other Forms of Payment

Cash       (not encouraged)

Check   Checks should be made payable to the school cafeteria

Charge   Charges are allowed in case of emergency (for plate lunches only) and


All students use their six-digit student identification number as their PIN on the Point of Sale system. Please review this number with them.


Procedures for Meal ChargesGirl Eating Lunch

It is the responsibility of parents to provide lunch for their children while at school. It is important that children receive the nutrition they need to stay focused and learn during the school day.

Unpaid meal charges place a financial strain on the Child Nutrition Department. While we intend to feed all students needing lunch, treat the students with respect regarding charging of meals, it remains the parents’ responsibility to provide payment or pack lunches.

The Gahanna-Jefferson Child Nutrition Department’s goal is to provide healthy meals to students and support its self-funded account. Several programs are in place to assist our families in need.

Please read about our Procedures for Meal Charges for more information about meal assistance and charge limits.

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