Gifted education programs


Schools are dedicated to the idea that every student has the right to an education that provides opportunities for the maximum development of his/her potential. We recognize that a number of students in our schools have capabilities that far exceed those of their peers’ age.

Gifted education services are available for identified and qualifying students. The district accepts referrals, screens and identifies, or screens and reassesses students who perform or show potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and/or visual and/or performing arts.

Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools Gifted and Talented Department Brochure (PDF)



Qualifying fourth and fifth grade students may attend the GATE program at Blacklick Elementary, Chapelfield Elementary, or High Point Elementary. At each school, a gifted intervention specialist (GIS) teaches a compacted mathematics curriculum. Likewise, the GIS works with students who are identified in reading using challenging texts and a rigorous pace to enhance the English language arts grade level curriculum. The GIS is responsible for the student’s daily curriculum, progress, and grade in the academic area(s) of math and/or reading.

Middle school

Gifted services for math and English language arts are available at Middle School East, Middle School South, and Middle School West. There is one gifted specialist/coordinator for math and one for English language arts. They collaborate with the general education teachers as well as the students to develop and deliver appropriately challenging math and English language arts curriculum. Math students qualify for acceleration into advanced math classes based on district guidelines. English language arts students also qualify for placement based on district guidelines and are clustered into a rigorous English language arts class with teachers experienced in differentiated instruction.

High school

A wide range of options exist at the high school level for the gifted students such as College Credit Plus, acceleration, honors classes, advanced placement courses, independent study, and mentorships. A high school gifted specialist/coordinator is available to assist students in scheduling, planning, college applications, various summer opportunities, and other matters.