food allergies


Parents/guardians are asked to assist the school in the prevention, care and management of their child's allergies and reactions.

Parents/guardians are asked to inform the building nurse of their child’s allergies prior to the opening of school (or immediately after a diagnosis) and submit a Food Allergies and Restrictions (PDF) form for use by cafeteria staff.

Does your child have a life-threatening allergy/disability related to consuming milk/specific food (anaphylaxis) that requires a substitution?

*A medical note is required from a licensed physician (as defined by the State) that 1. describes the child’s condition/allergy and 2. the prescribed substitution.

Water is available for students with dairy/lactose issues at every meal. Water is also available for every student at every meal.

If your student should avoid particular foods, please contact us. We will work together to provide your student with alternative choices.

Please contact the Child Nutrition department, 614-478-5535, with any questions.

Important information: