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Snapshot of a Graduate
Gahanna Lincoln High School Class of 2019


Beginning in 2016, over 700 teachers, parents, students and community members met to identify a vision, clarify a mission and define a set of beliefs for Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools. After much collaboration, GJPS now has a strong vision, mission and set of beliefs that certainly define who GJPS is as a school district. "STUDENTS COME FIRST" at Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools, and we are proud to have a Vision, Mission and Beliefs to support that.

During the spring of 2019, Superintendent Steve Barrett had a chance to sit down with some of our graduating seniors to discuss their teachers, classes, proudest moments and advice for incoming freshmen. We were pleased to realize how closely their experiences align with our Vision, Mission and Beliefs. GJPS is preparing our students for many paths after graduation and we were honored to speak with students who are entering the military, joining the work force, attending two year or four year colleges and some who will be doing a combination.

The heartfelt comments from our students say much about our schools and the Vision, Mission and Beliefs set to guide us. Please enjoy these interviews with just a few of the 525 graduates from the Class of 2019.


2019 Graduate Brendan Holahan


Brendan Holohan

GJPS Student Since Kindergarten

Future Plans: U.S. Marines

Advice to Freshmen:

"Don't be afraid to get outside

your comfort zone. Meet new 

people and try new things."






Nate Asamoah

GJPS Student Since Second Grade

Future Plans: University of Illinois, Chicago

Advice to Freshmen:

"There are multiple paths to end

up at the same goal. It is OK to 

not really have an idea or a plan. 

You WILL meet people along

the way who will guide you."




Image of 2019 Graduate Alex Mundschenk


Alex Mundschenk

GJPS Student Since Kindergarten

Future Plans: Work Force

Advice to Freshmen:

"Not everything is going to be

easy right off the bat. But, as long

as you keep working at it, it will

get better."





Image of 2019 graduate Brooke Johnson


Brooke Johnson

GJPS Student Since First Grade

Future Plans: Virginia Tech University, Virginia

Advice to Freshmen:

"Life is not anything without risks.

What's the point of staying behind

the lines when you can go above

and beyond"





Image of 2019 Graduate Eric Cox


Eric Cox

GJPS Student Since Kindergarten

Future Plans: Bowling Green University, Ohio

Advice to Freshmen:

"Get involved. Do things that

make you uncomfortable. Get

outside of your box."






Image of 2019 Graduate Dawson Heery


Dawson Heery

GJPS Student Since Third Grade

Future Plans: Two Year College then U.S. Navy

Advice to Freshmen:

"Once you focus on a main

goal and keep working

towards it, the outcome 

 is unbelievable."




Bronte Johnson

Image of 2019 Graduate Bronte Johnson

GJPS Student Since First Grade

Future Plans: James Madison University, Virginia

Advice to Freshmen:

"Find those connections of

upperclassmen who can

really help you find your 







Image of 2019 Graduate Amelia Scheetz


Amelia Scheetz

GJPS Student Since Kindergarten

Future Plans: American University, Washington, D.C.

Advice to Freshmen:

"Be Kind. If you are just

kind, it will get you so much 

further throughout high school."




Sarah Naiman

Image of 2019 Graduate Sarah Naiman

GJPS Student Since Sixth Grade

Future Plans: Oberlin College,Ohio

Advice to Freshmen:

"Don't worry about finding

a niche. Let it come