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COVID-19 Learning Plan
Frequently Asked Questions




Form to Submit Further Questions about COVID-19 Learning Plans




Are there any plans to provide hot spots to families without strong internet access? Our technology department is available to provide access support for families needing assistance. We do have hotspots available and parents/guardians can contact our technology department using the GJPS HelpDesk to submit a request for support.  

Will there be an opportunity for families to change the learning model choice made for their students if the model is not working or if the district is able to bring all students back for full time in-person learning? We will work with families on an individual basis if the learning model they chose is not working for them. We want to be as flexible as we can be, but in some cases hybrid classrooms might be full and we may need to make a teacher change to accommodate a learning model change.  

What is the plan for standardized testing? At this time, we do not have details around the full requirements of state testing. Once information is released from the Ohio Department of Education we will make plans and will communicate with families.

What does bus transportation look like for students in the hybrid model? Safety precautions are in place for all riders including masks (K-12 required) and social distancing. Students will sit no more than two students to a seat, according to guidance from FCPH, and buses are cleaned in between routes.

Will you require waivers for children to return to school? No. We will not be asking parents to sign waivers.

Can you please share the reasoning behind allowing for extra curricular activities/sports but not allowing students to be in the school building full time? We want to offer as many activities as we can under guidance from Franklin County Public Health. Athletics and extra-curricular activities are permitted when specific safety protocols are followed. We are not, however, permitted to be in school full-time. The guidelines for social distancing will not allow us to do that.
Will students need to bring new supplies to school for the hybrid model, as well as have supplies at home for distance days? Students do not need two sets of school supplies and will bring supplies back and forth to and from school based on need.


Can we continue to use the block schedule that is being used in the current distance learning model? When creating schedules, many factors such as shared staffing, student and teacher schedules, and length of lunch periods compared to class periods must be considered. We have received positive feedback about the current block schedule from parents, students and teachers, and we would like to be able to continue using that schedule if it can be worked out logistically. Our administrative teams are working hard to consider all options to make block scheduling work in the hybrid model. 

Will classes that are traditionally blocked at the high school (ex. robotics, SWAG, etc.) be scheduled in a way that they don't always fall on an at-home day for a hybrid student? If we operate on the traditional daily schedule, all classes including traditionally blocked classes at Clark Hall, will run on single periods. Students will have the opportunity for in-person instruction for these classes. We continue to work on making adjustments that would allow us to operate a block schedule. 

 What will the daily schedule look like for full distance learning students being streamed into the classroom?  In grades 6-12, students in the continued distance learning model will log on throughout the school day to access instruction and participate in learning with their hybrid model peers. Students will not be expected to stay online, in a Google Meet all day or full full class periods.  

There will be time for teacher-directed instruction (live or through recording) and students will also be released to complete independent work. There may be some days that are a continuation of the previous day’s learning where students do not log in for a lesson and instead continue working independently, with peers or in a small group with their teacher. Each teacher will determine the best structure for each day depending on learning objectives and planned activities and will communicate schedules and expectations with students. 

 What will lunch and recess look like? Lunch and recess will definitely look and feel different. In the cafeteria, students will be socially distanced and may be eating in extended cafeteria spaces throughout the building. Student seating will be tracked to assist with contract tracing if needed. Recess will include structured activities, class specific recess equipment, masks and social distancing to the greatest extent possible.  

 If we have a senior and their last class is done before lunch, can they leave or do they have to stay? Seniors will be allowed to leave after their classes are complete.  

 What will the class sizes be for hybrid and distance learning? There will be no more than 12-15 students in most hybrid classrooms to ensure for social distancing. In performing arts classes, where classroom spaces are bigger, there will be more students, but social distancing will still be adhered to.  

 Our distance learning class sizes will mirror the traditional classroom setting with 25-30 students. 


What level of engagement will students in the distance learning model have with their teacher? The distance learning option will require students to be independent, self-regulated learners. They will need to be self-motivated and willing to learn with a greater degree of autonomy.

How is the district working to prevent hackers from disrupting the online learning environment? Our online learning platform, Google Meet, is secure to only GJPS staff and student accounts. The only way for an individual outside our GJPS domain to enter one of our online environments is for someone in our district to give their login information. Teachers have the ability to remove individuals from a Google Meet and block them from re-entering the class.

How much time will be taught by the teacher in both learning models? This will vary depending on grade level and content. The traditional daily school schedule will be used in both models, however teachers will shape their class periods appropriately based on learning objectives and activities planned for the day. Students may be expected to log on for class instruction/discussion and then log off for independent work several times throughout the day as planned by the teacher.      
Will students be permitted to sing in the choir classroom with other students? At this time, guidance from FCPH allows students to sing in class with masks off as long as a minimum of 6ft. of social distancing is maintained. Masks will be worn during all non-singing times.

Will students in the distance learning model be able to perform in choir concerts and orchestra concerts? While we are not sure we will be allowed to have concerts or other indoor performances, students who choose distance learning will be able to participate in these after school events should they take place.


How will you keep students safe while entering the building and moving throughout the school? Each building will have plans that utilize multiple controlled entry/exit points to decrease large gatherings of students. Students will be kept on the bus until a school staff member retrieves them in the morning. Hallways have been marked and staff will provide instruction to students about safety practices with hand hygiene, social distancing and mask wearing.

How will the new learning model choices impact elementary GATE students? Students in the hybrid learning model will receive GATE services in person when at the building and through streaming when at home. We are still finalizing details related to how elementary GATE services will be delivered in the distance learning model, but they will be available. More information will be shared with distance learning families in the coming weeks.

 How will services for students with an IEP be delivered? If a family opts out of the Hybrid Plan and instead chooses the all Distance Learning Model for their student with a disability they will continue to be provided their accommodations and individualized services similar to how have been provided those services through Distance Learning. Many of those services are provided through live Google meets or within our TeleHeatlh platform with the intervention specialist or related service provider. This applies to all students in grades PreK-Postsecondary. 

 Families who opt for their student to attend the Hybrid Model: 

 ● Will also have their student assigned to a Blue or Gold Hybrid Group 

 ● Will attend on their assigned days and will have their specially designed instruction and therapies will be provided during the days they are in the building, unless otherwise communicated 

 ● May also need to be provided additional services during their at-home learning days which will be determined based on the individual needs of the student and their plan 

 ● May have a schedule that is different in time or frequency from their same grade peers due to their unique strengths or needs (for students in special programs) 

 We have some students who are not yet able to come to school following the 1-2-2 full-day schedule in the same way as their peers or who may need to attend more frequently due to their unique circumstances. Individual communication will be provided to these families.
● Educational teams have already been in communication with a number of our families about potential altered schedules 

 Teams will continue to monitor the student’s response to both Hybrid and Distance Learning and will consider adjusting either the methods used, the amount of time, or frequency of service when a student needs such a change. 

 Students with disabilities who are provided services through a 504 Plan will also continue to be provided their accommodations regardless of the model they decide. 

 If we choose the distance learning model and he/she is assigned a teacher from another building in the district, will the staff work together to make it a smooth transition and ensure my child’s learning needs are met? It is important to us that we help students and families transition to the new learning model as seamlessly as possible. Principals and teachers will work with one another across the district to gain information about students and continue the quality instruction that has been in place thus far this school year.


Will the district be providing PPE supplies to every student? The district has purchased PPE supplies (gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, shields, plexiglass/other barriers) for each school building and classroom. However, parents need to ensure each student has their own mask. We will have masks available in the event a student forgets one.

What extra cleaning precautions will the schools be taking? During the school day, custodial staff will be cleaning common spaces and frequently touched surfaces two additional times. Additionally, cleaning of desk/table/chair spaces will occur in between class/lunch changes. Each evening classrooms will be disinfected. 

Will there be plexiglass or other barriers used in classroom spaces? We will be using plexiglass dividers in all small group spaces as well as in classrooms at small group tables. Classrooms with tables will have plexiglass dividers, but we will not have barriers on individual student desks which will be socially distanced throughout the classrooms.

Will students be required to wear masks all day and are there any specific requirements for face coverings? K-12 students are required to wear masks all day; however mask breaks will be allowed in class and will be monitored by the teacher. During mask breaks, staff and students must remain in their own personal space, social distancing of 6 ft. must be maintained, no one will be permitted to get up from their seat and there will be no talking.

There are no specific requirements for mask type, but it must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin. Currently, gaiters and face shields are not permitted as stand alone face coverings.

What COVID-19 health protocols will be used? Parents/guardians are expected to do daily symptoms checks including a temperature check each morning before sending your student to school. If a student has the symptoms listed below, he/she should stay home and a call should be made to the school office. If a student develops the symptoms below during the school day, he/she will be isolated and the parent/guardian will be contacted and REQUIRED to pick the student up from school.

Why are we choosing to bring students back into school when COVID-19 is still a safety issue? We are following the recommendations of Franklin County Public Health. We will follow all the mandated and recommended security protocols. We believe we can enter back into our school buildings and take precautions to minimize risks. However, we know we cannot eliminate all risk.

What should I do if my student has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19? If your student has been exposed to a confirmed case, you should keep the student home for monitoring and quarantine for 10 days from the last day of exposure and call the school office. If the student develops symptoms, you should contact your doctor for a possible alternative diagnosis or COVID-19 test order.

If one child in the family is experiencing symptoms and needs to stay home, will all students in the family be required to stay home? If the student sent home does not seek COVID testing or medical care, they must remain at home for 10 days after initial symptom onset, AND not return until fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication AND have improvement of symptoms. Siblings and household members also stay home for 10 days.

If the student does seek COVID testing and it returns negative the sibling can return to school immediately.

What should I do if my student tests positive for COVID-19? If any student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the parent/guardian should contact the school office to report the case in order for contact tracing and proper notification to occur. The student must stay home until cleared to return to school but NOT sooner than 10 days from the onset of symptoms. 

How will parents be notified of confirmed COVID-19 cases? Parents/guardians will be notified by email if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case in their building. Students considered to be a close contact will receive additional communication with information about quarantine and next steps.

Will teachers/students be tested for COVID 19 throughout the year? At this time the district is not testing staff/students, but instead if the individual develops symptoms, they should contact their doctor for a possible alternative diagnosis or COVID-19 test order.

Are temperatures being taken daily upon entrance to the school building? Per licensing guidelines, temperatures will be taken at the preschool level upon arrival at school for both staff and students. Temperatures will not be taken for K-12 students and should be checked at home each morning. If a student is suspected of having a temperature or is not feeling well, a temperature check will happen in the clinic.

How will students experiencing symptoms be separated from other students in clinic spaces? Each school building will have an isolation room separate from the clinic for students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If a student has symptoms, parents will be notified right away to pick up their student.

What is being done to improve air quality in our buildings? The district has worked with an HVAC company to introduce more fresh outside air into our systems. The district has also installed MERV filters which are made to block viruses.

Are there restrictions on non-students and non-staff entering schools? Visitors, volunteers and activities involving other non-essential groups will not be permitted inside school buildings. When parents come to pick students up, they will be asked to call from the car and will remain at the front door to retrieve their student. Students experiencing symptoms will be escorted out to the car.

What is being done to keep students safe from bullying online and in person? Inappropriate taunting and bullying will not be permitted, virtually or in the classroom. Teachers and administrators will follow up on reported incidents and students will be held accountable for their actions.

How are you going to ensure students keep their masks on properly? We will teach students the importance of wearing masks at all times and reinforce this on a regular basis. Parents can help us in these efforts by working with their children regarding these expectations.

Can you ensure that all district personnel will follow protocols and guidelines, such as masks and social distancing, regardless of their personal views? Yes. The district’s safety task force has worked to create protocols. We have also talked frequently with Franklin County Public Health to define protocols and create best practices and staff will be expected to follow all precautions.