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"Success is born out of reflection, perseverance, learning from setbacks, and the right level of support in the classroom and community."

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Solving MathMathematics Curriculum

The Gahanna-Jefferson mathematics program is structured to engage students in solving and discussing tasks that promote mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and perseverance.

Math instruction is designed to connect mathematical ideas, build understanding of the relationships of numbers, address misconceptions, and build computational fluency to deepen understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures as tools for problem solving.


  • Students engage in concepts and skills that cycle and build developmentally over time, providing a variety of contexts that allow for work that moves between concrete and abstract representations.
  • Mathematical discourse provides opportunity for discussion about ideas, notices, wonderings, and questions about mathematics.
  • We utilize writing opportunities in mathematics to provide students with additional opportunities to process their learning and showcase ideas through a variety of activities that promote written elaboration.

Core Curricular Tools and PracticesStudents solving math problems.

Our core curricular tools, Investigations and College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM), each promote a learner-centered, collaborative approach to teaching mathematics.

With the inquiry-based foundation in Investigations and the problem-based work in CPM, lesson sessions provide a context during which students explore ideas and communicate their own means for problem-solving. Each program requires mathematical discourse among students and teachers to make connections within math topics and gain mathematical concepts.

Mathematics Core Curricular Tools:

  • Investigations 3.0 (Kindergarten - Grade 5)
  • College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) (Grade 6 - Algebra 2)

Family Resources

Families can access elements of the GJPS core curricular programs at home.
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