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"Learning is best when teachers connect the art and science of teaching and are given opportunities to develop autonomy, mastery, and purpose in the service of improving their craft."

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Music CurriculumStudent playing cymbals

Music Education in Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools develops leaders and citizens who are independent creative thinkers, communicators, collaborators that possess a lifelong love, participation, and appreciation of music.

Each student is provided with high-quality instruction, varied musical experiences and courses, and a strong foundation in musical literacy, skills, and concepts.

Music is a powerful and essential means of communication to express ideas, experiences, feelings, and beliefs. Music has the unique ability to simultaneously activate and link more regions of the brain than any other activity or learning experience. As creators, performers, and audience members in a diverse setting, music students build significant relationships, develop empathy, experience success through self-discipline and perseverance, and engage their community. Through involvement in music, students develop their creative capacity, providing a source of lifelong satisfaction.

Visual Arts CurriculumArt Project at Gahanna Middle School South

Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools Visual Art empowers students in the pursuit of excellence through the development of visual literacy, creativity, and self-expression by providing diverse media processes which emphasize the mastery of hands-on artistic experiences.

  • Visual Art education is essential to the education of all students because:
  • Visual arts represent the most telling imprints of any civilization, serving as records of history, and expressions of our humanity.
  • Visual arts are basic symbol systems by which people communicate, express and acquire understanding. Concepts taught in art are integral to all other areas of learning.
  • Visual arts provide unique forms of thinking and ways of knowing and participating with the world through cognitive and sensory experiences. 
  • Visual arts empower students through their artistic skill and vision. This empowerment enriches and enhances their academic, personal, and social relationships.

    Through the utilization of the creative process, our students will develop their own personal interpretation and response to the world by creating self-expressive contributions to visual culture.


GJPS WellnessPhys Ed at Middle School East

The Physical Education and Health programs are designed to inspire, nurture, and empower ALL students to love movement for wellness and

maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education and Health are very relevant subjects that extend well beyond the classroom. From birth throughout life, we are designed to move. An active body produces an active mind. Physical activity and fitness improve the quality of life as well as increases self-esteem. PE and Health provide instruction and life skills in a variety of movement practices, healthy eating habits and decision-making. These skills and lessons help to prevent diseases such as obesity, some types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, reduce stress, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Our vision is to build relationships with students, parents and our community to ensure that whole child development is our most important investment and priority.