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Mr. Tim Gagliardo
Freshman Administrator
(614) 479-1417

Mrs. Kalena Falk
​Guidance Counselor
​(614) 479-1625

Lincoln High School

Academic Interventions


The P.A.S.S. Room is a room dedicated to targeted, academic intervention for all students at GLHS. P.A.S.S. stands for Positive Academic Support Solution. During every period of the day, qualified teachers are in the room to assist students with homework, finishing missed tests or quizzes, and explaining concepts. Usually, one teacher from each major academic area (Math, Science, Social Studies, and English) is present. Computers are also available in this room to aid students in completing their work.

In addition to being open during every period of the school day, the PASS room is also open on Tuesday mornings from 6:30-7:30 AM, Wednesday afternoons from 3-5 PM, and Thursday afternoons from 3-5 PM. 

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is an after-school program offered at the high school for students who have failed a course. During the following year, the student may decide to participate in this program to earn the credit in the course that they failed instead of repeating the course or completing it in summer school. Students are allowed to move at their own pace, but they can only earn the credit once they can demonstrate that they have the required skills for that course. Credit Recovery is only offered for the core academic classes (Social Studies, Math, Science and English) and is free of charge. It takes place on Mondays-Thursdays from 3-4 PM (immediately after school). Contact guidance for more details and the specific classes offered.

Summer School

Summer School is offered for both repeat credit (when the student has taken and failed a course) and initial credit (when a student is taking a course for the first time). Repeat credit is usually offered for most core classes such as Science, Social Studies, English, and Math. They typically take place immediately after the end of the normal school year. Initial credit is offered for courses such as Speech, PE, Info Tech, and Financial Literacy.

More information will be available in the spring, but feel free to contact guidance for more information and details regarding course offerings, cost, and times. Courses typically offered during the summer include:
  • OGT prep
  • Physical education
  • Info tech
  • Health
  • Speech