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GJPS School Closing

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced all K-12 school buildings will remain closed for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year in response to the continued risk of community spread posed by COVID-19.  Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools will continue to provide distance learning opportunities through this extended closure to our buildings. 

Please check this page often for updated, accurate information. This is a rapidly changing situation and we will continue to monitor guidance from the governor, the Franklin County Public Health Department and the Ohio Department of Education. We will provide updates to this page,  and through email and social media as quickly as possible.


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End of the Year Survey
May 15, 2020

Dear Gahanna-Jefferson Families,

We are very appreciative of everyone's patience and understanding during our school building closure this spring. It has been challenging, and we know it created a variety of emotions as students engaged in learning at home. Even though this school year has been trying and there have been anxious moments, we are proud of how our teachers, students and families adapted, persevered and found ways to flourish.

There is a great deal of uncertainty about the start of the 2020-2021 school year, and we have begun working on plans that will ensure our students have excellent opportunities to learn at high levels and build relationships with their teachers and classmates to start the school year in a positive way. We are working with preliminary guidance from the Ohio Department of Education to determine how school might look next year. There will likely be a menu of options that we hope will give us the ability to make decisions that are best for our Gahanna-Jefferson students and families.

As we prepare for the close of the current year and continue planning for next year, we would like to learn from you and your family’s experience with distance learning. Please help us by taking a few minutes to complete our Distance Learning Family Feedback Survey. Your insights are important to us, and we are grateful for your help. We will use what we learn from you for future planning.

Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate it.


Steve Barrett

Grab & Go Meal Information for May
April 29, 2020

Dear GJPS families,
As we prepare to finish the 19-20 school year, it remains a top priority to ensure our students continue to have their nutritional needs meet through district-provided breakfast and lunch. Please complete the Free Meal Request Form linked below to indicate if you’d like a free district-provided breakfast and lunch for your student(s) during the next four weeks of our extended school building closure. The District plans to provide meals May 4 - May 29 and this service is available to all GJPS PK-12 students in need. PLEASE SIGN UP USING THE FORM even if you previously signed up for the first two rounds of meal distribution.

Daily meals will include breakfast and lunch. Our options for meal items may be limited and may not meet individual dietary needs or allergy restrictions. Students with food allergies should use caution before consuming these meals.

For planning purposes, please complete this Free Meal Request Form as soon as possible. As mentioned above, even if you previously signed up for meals during the first two rounds of meal distribution, please complete this form again. Also, be sure to indicate on the form how many students in your household need daily meals (one student = one breakfast and one lunch). If you have students in multiple schools, you may pick up food for all students in one location (please indicate pick up location below).
Meals will be packaged for several days at a time so less frequent pickups are needed. Pick up times will be Monday, May 4, 11, 18 and Tuesday, May 26 from 11:00 AM-12:30 PM at each of the eight locations. Please do your best to pick up your meal(s) from the location indicated in this survey.

Though completion of this form is not required, it will allow us to have more accurate counts for students in need. We cannot guarantee we will have meals for your student(s) if this form is not completed.

Thank you!

Estimadas familias de GJPS:

Mientras nos preparamos para terminar el año escolar 2019-2020, sigue siendo una prioridad que nuestros estudiantes tengan comida suficiente y por eso seguiremos ofreciendo el desayno y el almuerzo gratis. Complete este formulario de solicitud de comida gratis lo mas antes posible para indicar si desea desayuno y almuerzo gratuitos proporcionados por el distrito escolar para su(s) estudiante(s) hasta los finales de mayo. El distrito escolar repartira comida del 4 al 29 de mayo y este servicio está disponible para todos los estudiantes de las escuelas de Gahanna desde preescolar hasta grado 12. R EGÍSTRESE CON ESTE FORMULARIO, incluso si se inscribió previamente en las dos primeras rondas de distribución de comidas.

Las comidas diarias incluirán desayuno y almuerzo. Nuestras opciones de comida pueden ser limitadas y pueden no satisfacer las necesidades dietéticas individuales o las restricciones de alergias. Los estudiantes con alergias alimentarias deben tener precauciones antes de consumir estos alimentos.

Para fines de planear, complete este formulario lo antes posible. Como se mencionó anteriormente, incluso si previamente se inscribió en las comidas durante las dos primeras rondas de distribución de comidas, complete este formulario nuevamente. Además, asegúrese de indicar en el formulario cuántos estudiantes en su hogar necesitan comida diaria (un estudiante = un desayuno y un almuerzo). Si tiene estudiantes en varias escuelas, puede recoger comida para todos los estudiantes en un solo sitio (indique la ubicación de colección a continuación).
Empacaremos comida para varios días a la vez, para que sea recogida menos frecuentemente. Los horarios de colección son los lunes 4, 11, y 18 de mayo y el martes, 26 de mayo de 11:00am a 12:30pm en cada ubicación. Por favor, haga todo lo posible para recoger su comida en el lugar indicado en esta encuesta.

Aunque no es necesario completar este formulario, nos permitirá tener recuentos más precisos para los estudiantes que lo necesitan. No podemos garantizar que tendremos comida para su(s) estudiante(s) si no se completa este formulario.

Complete el Formulario de Solicitud de Almuerzo Gratuito para ayudarnos a planificar bien. ¡Esperamos verte durante las colectividades "Grab and Go" (“Agarrarlo y Llevarlo”)!



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