Preschool Registration


Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now open.   

For the 2023-2024 school year our morning sessions will be saved for children ages 3 and 4 whose birthdays are AFTER August 1, 2019.  Children ages 4 and 5 whose birthdays are ON OR BEFORE August 1, 2019 will be placed in the PM session.   Families will not be given a choose of preference of morning or afternoon.


Welcome to the Gahanna-Jefferson Preschool program!  We look forward to meeting you and your child and assisting you in preparing for a fun, challenging, and educational year.


GJPS offers an outstanding preschool program that serves children with disabilities and also provides an educational opportunity for typically developing children to serve as social and academic peer models. Peers MUST be 3.5 years old by August 1, 2023.  If your child is younger than 3.5 by August 1, 2023- please contact Missy Grimmett at to discuss enrollment options further. Enrollment is open to children of district residents and staff members of GJPS through an application process.  Preschool classes are located at Clark Hall and Goshen Lane Elementary.   There are a limited number of peer model spots available at each location.  Clark Hall has 48 AM and 48 PM Spots available.  Goshen Lane Elementary has 28 AM spots and 28 PM spots available.   Tuition is reasonably priced at $140/month school is 5 days a week and the school year is nine months long. 

Preschool Location: Preschool classes are located at Clark Hall and Goshen Lane Elementary.   There are a limited number of peer model spots available at each location.  Clark Hall has 48 AM and 48 PM Spots available.  Goshen Lane Elementary has 28 AM spots and 28 PM spots available.  Location is determined based on peer model spots available at each location, at the time enrollment is completed.

 Preschool Hours: 8:45-11:30 for AM class, 12:30-3:15 for PM class (Hours are subjective to change)

Need a full day Preschool program?  Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools is proud to partner with the Child Development Council of Franklin County, Inc. (CDCFC) to provide a CDC Head Start full day preschool option to income eligible families in the GJPS district. Enrollment for CDC Head Start will begin this summer. If you are interested in this preschool option, contact Head Start directly at 614-271-4056.

Head Start at Goshen Lane: 8:45 AM - 3:00 PM

How do I register my child as a preschool peer model?

Complete step one below and an email will be sent to you with all enrollment information and Preschool paperwork.

Step One:

Click to complete required preschool screening form 

Please include a valid email address on this form. Communication for enrollment will be conducted primarily through email.

Once Step One is complete you will receive registration paperwork via email from the Preschool and an approval to move on to the next step.

Please note: Medical and dental forms do NOT need to be complete to continue the process. They are, however, due at the start of school.

Note:  If your child does not meet all criteria on the screening form please contact Missy Grimmett at

If your child has an outside evaluation and you suspect your child may have a disability, please contact Mary Ann Stevens at


Upon completion of  your online registration, you will receive a confirmation email.  A representative from the Welcome Center will be in contact with you via email to gather any additional documents to complete enrollment.  This will be done via email, fax, or scheduling an appointment at the Welcome Center.  If you do not receive this email after 48 hours, please contact the Welcome Center at 614-643-8300.  In addition, be sure to complete your Preschool Forms for Peer Models, return the forms to the Preschool directly or email the forms to Mary Ann Stevens

Once all paperwork has been received and processed and deposit has been made you will receive formal notification by email of your student's placement for the 2023-2024 school year! If all available spots are full, you will be notified that your child will be placed on the waitlist. 

 Location is determined based on peer model spots available at each location, at the time enrollment is completed.

Additional peer model questions?

Contact Mary Ann Stevens, ( or (614) 269-4780.



Step One:
If you suspect your child has a disability, please contact the Preschool at (614) 269-4780. Do not continue with the following steps until you contact the Preschool.

If your child has been identified as a preschooler with a disability and you are enrolling in Gahanna, please follow step two.  Please bring a copy of your child's most recent ETR/IEP when you come for your Welcome Center appointment.

Step Two:
Complete the online GJPS registration.